The girl you'll love to hate!

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THE GIRL YOU'LL LOVE TO HATE -- is also dangerous when provoked. I'm the kind of girl you want to hate, but then you'll realize you’re just being jealous -- don’t say I didn't warn you.

Goin' against the flow and surprising people is my GAME.

Mood-dresser style savant.
I'm a lover of all things FASHIONABLE.
Cray cray shopaholic.
Self-confessed makeup junkie.
True-blooded partyphile.
My happy pill is the Beach.
Booze gets me all revved up.
Gravity-defying shoes will forever be my number one love.
Trouble always seem to find me, always comes in the form of a BOY (explains why I have earned enough battle scars to ramble and rant, lol).

"I want to go to different places, meet lots of people, and learn new things in the world. God, there’s so much to do…." A FEROSH outtake of my life's random whatnots and unforeseen shenanigans with an occasional sarcastic flavoring.

Girly Quotes, Girly Quotes, Girly Sayings

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